Emlyn has an international background and a passion for knowledge. Currently based in Beijing, he was previously an English teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he primarily worked with analysts and management at major Russian companies. Before that, he was a senior lecturer and Director of the MSc in Management, teaching Strategic Management, Marketing, and English at Swansea University  School of Management.

Previously, he taught at institutions in Singapore and Beijing. Before entering academia, he was a consultant helping high-potential talent match career goals with personal goals in an MNC environment. Pre-MBA, he worked as a developer of e-learning systems, and as an independent IT consultant in South Korea, Argentina, and Singapore. He also participated in an EU-funded research project into telecommunications and e-learning.

Emlyn has a BA in International Relations (Keele), an MSc in Computer Science (Aberystwyth), and an MBA (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).

Emlyn is qualified as a practitioner of the NADA Detox Acupuncture Protocol, to practice Chinese medical massage (tui na), and to lead meditation sessions. He practices several Chinese martial arts (yiquan, baguazhang, and taijiquan), and a Russian martial art (systema).

As time allows, Emlyn is pursuing a qualification in traditional upholstery. He is an active participant in his local Mari Lwyd group.

In case you’re wondering, ‘Emlyn’ is an ancient Welsh male name, ultimately deriving from the Roman name ‘Aemilianus’!