So it’s been a while…

An email dropped into my inbox today: do I want to buy the .com version of my domain? Well, thanks, not just now. Thanks for asking, though.

I am genuinely grateful, because that email reminded me that this blog still existed! I’ve been keeping up my blogs on Chinese and Russian martial arts, but this domain had dropped so far off my radar I’d forgotten I had it…

This blog, though… Well, back in 2013 when I was looking to exit from Swansea University, I looked into freelance consulting and started to put together a website. Updated it a bit while I was in Russia. Since I never promoted it, it never led to anything beyond a couple of hits on blog posts. When I moved to China, it became irrelevant, and to be honest I completely forgot about it…

So, now that I’ve been reminded about it, what to do with it? The old content, long since of date has gone. The blog’s the only part worth keeping.

I’d still like to do something with my copy of Suvorov, which I brought with me to China. Events in the wider world have moved on quickly, and I’ve been in some heated debates recently about Russia, which raised issues I could usefully develop…

Hmmm. Let’s think about that.

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