A new year; another full circle


A friend who’s known me for nearly 10 years recently observed: “Everyone’s life turns in circles – it’s just that yours seems to spin faster than other peoples'”. There’s a lot of truth in that.

I haven’t posted for a long time, on this blog at least. So much as happened: in Scotland, in Ukraine, in the world at large, and I always thought “I’ll post soon, I just need to see what happens next”

Back in the autumn I was approached by a headhunter. Nothing seemed to come of it initially, but it sparked a period of jobseeking. I had a few invitations to interview: three, in fact. One led to a rejection, one is still waiting for a decision, and one hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t matter, because the headhunters came through in the end and, after a separate interview, I’ve been offered a job, a good one, which I’ve been delighted to accept.

There are certain elements of confidentiality involved, so I won’t say anything specific about the job, other than it’s in China – specifically in Beijing. I always planned to go back to China and, four and a half years after I left, it’s finally happening.

For the moment, I’m filling out forms, trying to arrange medical checks, and various other parts of the application for the work permit – exactly as I was a year ago, in preparation for my move to Russia. This is a fairly bureaucratic procedure, so I won’t be leaving St. Petersburg until the end of February or mid-March, and arriving in China a couple of weeks later.

I’ll save my full review of my time in Russia until closer to my departure… but it’s been a good year overall, and I’m very glad I came here.

Image credits: “Enso“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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