The people of my totem

These are my tribe; I’ve been away from them for too long…

Rijeka got everything they bargained for with the Share three day festival of cybergeeks, pirates, dj s and electronic artists. They arrived from all over the world: the Internet-famous, the net-celebrities: the law professors who were were also tattooed djs, the musicians were somehow cryptographers, the elected officials were Icelandic punk poets, the free-software coders who are game designers.

Hackers, pirates, software artists, civil libertarians and engineers all singing the free Internet song: beware of Google, and of all the major industries that use the Internet while wrecking its principles! Beware of the NSA, and all its secret friends. Listen to the whistleblowers. Stand up and be counted…

Cyberpunk Academy

Cold Water on the BRICs

Nouriel Roubini has an article on Slate: What if the Emerging Markets Aren’t? He points out that the original BRIC markets, as well as other developing economies that have subsequently been linked to the BRIC concept, aren’t growing very much at the moment, and some of them are fundamentally very weak. Well, like every other framework in business theory, the BRIC concept was a useful tool; based on the data available at the time, it identified a group of countries with the potential for great economic development. Of course, that was ten years ago: things change. Did Jim O’Neill ever predict that the BRIC countries would become independent of Western markets, as Roubini suggests? I’m not sure that he did… Certainly, back in 2003, very few people were predicting the financial crisis that knocked those same Western markets for six in 2007/8 (some were; they were ignored). Mildly interesting, though.